Adam & Eve – The First Couple

Proof they were real people – Some believe Gen. allegory – poetry.

Adam – mentioned 30 times by name in Bible

— 18 times in Gen. – 12 in rest of Bible – 9 in N.T.

–Luke 3:38 – genealogy by Luke (accurate historian) from Jesus back to



Adam – referred to 16 times in Gen. without calling by name – “Let us make men” – Gen. 1:26

— 3 times in Rom. 5 – “By one man…” Rom. 5:12

— 1 time in I Cor. – “the first man…” I Cor. 15:47

Adam & Eve – referred to as “male & female” 2X in N. T.

Mt. 19:4            Mark 10:6 – direct from Gen. 1:27

Eve – mentioned 4 times by name

2X – Gen., II Cor. 11:3 “serpent beguiled Eve” – confirms Gen. record is historical, I Tim. 2:13 – same here

Paul’s presentation of doctrine of sin depends on a literal Adam.

– Rom. 5


Jesus’ explanation of the purpose of marriage depends on a literal Adam.

–Mt. & Mark


John McArthur – “It is therefore a serious mistake to imagine that modern scientists can speak more authoritatively than Scripture on the subject of origins.”


Good science – observable and repeatable

Scientists say – “Virgins don’t have babies and people don’t rise from the dead.”


*Gen. – God’s eye witness account of what happened in the beginning.

*When it comes to origins – 2 kinds of Christians –

1)  Those who say – God said what He meant and meant what He said,

AND  2) Those who say – I know what He said but here’s what He really      meant.

(Some become judge & jury on what is inspired and authoritative & what is not.)


I.    Their formation (Crowning moment of creation)

II.   Their fall (Catastrophic collapse)

III.  Their future (Consequences of the Curse)



I.   Their formation (Crowning moment of creation)

Gen. 1: 26-29                      Gen. 2:7                    Gen. 2:18-24

This happened on Day 6 of Creation Wk. – All land animals & man & woman  – Many animals – one human couple


In these passages – 1st indication of Trinity – “Our image…”  Ch. 1:26 vs. 26

–Created in image of God – “Our likeness…”

–Dominion principle – “rule over fish, birds, cattle, creeping things” – vs. 26

–Propagation of human life – “Be fruitful & multiply…” – vs. 28

–Vegetarian diet –“plant yielding seed…food for you…”– vs. 29

–Reason for marriage – “joined to his wife…”  Ch. 2:24 vs. 24

–made for each other

A.  Creation of Man – Adam – Gen. 2:7 – (Gen. 2 – close-up view of Day 6)

1.  “the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground…”

Action figures? – “Dirt Man” – ladies call you “dirty old man”

2.  “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life” & “man became a

living soul” – man’s spirit and soul were imparted to him by God

directly – If a man’s body evolved from animals, he would already

have possessed the “nephesh” – breath & soul. – 1st CPR

— Adam – appearance of age – fully formed adult male – same with Universe

3.  Gen. 2:18 – “It is not good that the man should be alone.  I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

Everything had been good, but here – “not good…”

4.  Gen. 2:19 – Adam names the animals – “cattle, fowl of the air, beast of the field…” – shows language & intellect

J. McArthur – some preacher – “God held off creating Eve until after Adam named the animals so he would not have to deal with a second opinion on every name.”

5.  “not found a suitable helper for him” – vs. 20

Joke – “Adam, what do you think?” – Adam said, “I need a helper who is like me but not like me – one who would love me, respect me, cook                                    for me, maybe give me a backrub, bring me the paper”  — God “That  will cost you an arm & a leg,”  Adam – “What can I get for a rib?”


B.  Creation of Woman

1.  “God caused a deep sleep” – God performed 1st surgical procedure – “took a rib” – Hebrew tsela – actually the side –

—  for bone & flesh – full genetic structure needed for propagation

—  the 1st woman made from man

2.  “The Lord fashioned (built) into a woman – and brought her to the  man.”

The perfect man meets the perfect woman

What did they look like?

3.  Adam said – “This is now bone of my bones…”

Woman-man with a womb

THEN he said, “Holy Smoke – would you look at that!”

4.  “For this reason…cleave (be joined to his wife)”

–created for each other

**One IMAGE – two kinds – male & female – Image – consciousness, intellect, emotion, reasoning, worship, creative expression.


II.  Their fall (Catastrophic Collapse)

Gen. 3:1-7

— Perfect world – “very good” – Gen. 1:31 – lit. “exceedingly good”

— absolutely perfect – no death, no disease, no sickness, no suffering, no bloodshed, no disorder, no chaos, no deterioration

— Adam & Eve had everything they needed

A.  Satan enters the world stage – Gen. 3:1

1.  Takes over the body of a serpent – Eve not afraid – she had seen all the animals – they were tame —  not wild – she had no                                fear – serpent – standing upright – eye to eye

— big snake – Anaconda, etc.

2.  Reveals strategy for all times – vs. 1

“Did God really say…?” – Casting doubt on the Word of God.

Eve – did not defend the goodness of God – did not say “any” or “freely” of the trees.

& she said – “neither shall you touch it”, which God did not say.

3.  Twists truth – “you will not die” —  not physical death immediately – but spiritual death – separated from God

— physical death later – Hebrew – “dying you shall die”

4.  New theology – “you will be like God” – vs. 5 – “God is not telling you everything”  —  Satan’s lie – “Do whatever you want.                                         It’s your life”.  —  New Age – “you will become god-like”  — Mormon’s  — becoming a god – Oprah – “I bow the knee and pray                                      to myself”  — “The image I have of God is me.”  Truth – mankind  became like  God — result – God became like man.

B.  Satan presents temptation – v.6 –

1)  “good for food”  — tastes good – physical appetite

2)  “pleasant to the eyes” – looks good – emotional appetite

3)  “to make one wise”  — feels good – intellectual appetite

Compare to Lk. 4:3-13

1)  lust of the flesh      2)  lust of the eyes      3) pride of life

I Jn. 2:16 “All that is in the world, lust of flesh, lust of eyes, pride of life is not of God” – this is all he has

C.  Eve yields to temptation – vs. 6

–gives to her husband who was “with her” — & he ate.

Where was Adam? – “with her” – Adam did not say – “Hold it!”

Some believe “there” – some “not there” – God – “Because you  heeded the voice…”

Absence of spiritual leader – Eve deceived – Adam disobeyed

D.  Eyes opened – know they were naked – sewed fig leaves together to cover sin and mask shame  —  “loin covering”

—  Eve – “Does this fig leaf make me look fat?”

E.  Question —  Why did Satan address Eve & not Adam –

1) Created 2nd?   2) Got “info” 2nd hand?   3) I Peter 3:7 – “the weaker vessel”?  “Give honor unto the wife that your prayers be                                        not hindered.”

— needs protection, provision & strength.

Satan’s desire – always go against God’s order –

(God    Man    Christ)

(Christ   Woman   Church)

Created order began with Adam

— I Cor. 11:3 – “… head of woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God.”  Was Christ God?  Yes – Phil. 2:6 – “not robbery to                                       be equal with God”

2:8 – “humbled himself” – “obedient” – 2:7 – “took the form of  a servant”

— God’s line of order is in every area of life – presented in  creation.

I Tim. 2:13 – “For Adam was first formed, then Eve.”

1)  When Jesus was on earth, His role was to obey the Father in  what He said & what He did.  He said, “Not my will, but Thy will be                                done”.  God’s order brought blessing!

2) God’s line of order — “head of Christ – God” – “head of woman  – man”.

I Cor. 11:8-9 — “Neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman for the man.”  For mankind, God’s order brings                                                  blessing and protection.

III.  Their future – (Consequences of the Curse)

A.  Hiding from God – vs. 8


B.  Three questions – 1) Where are you?

2) Who told you that you were naked?

3) Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?


C.  Passing the buck – vs. 12 – “The woman you gave me …”

(not my fault)

1) What have you done?

vs. 13 – “The serpent deceived me…”

(not my fault)

D.  The Curse –1) To the Serpent – vs. 14 (no question)

a) – On your belly you will go – dust you will eat – maybe had legs –  but stood upright

2) To Satan – vs. 15

a) – Holy war between your seed & her seed

(1st indication of virgin birth)

b) – He will crush your head – But you will bruise his heel  — “spike driven through                                                                                  both feet, one heel is pushing into beam of the cross”

3) To the woman – vs. 16

a) Pain in childbirth – Josephus said, Eve – 53 children

b) Desire for husband – desire for love & protection  “Husbands, love your wives”

“he will rule over you”.

— Good News – “he will be the big Kahuna”

— Living Bible – “he will be the King Tut”

4) To Adam  — vs. 17-19

“Because you heeded the voice of your wife “

1) disobeyed God

2) abandoned his leadership role

3) followed the wishes of his wife

a) Cursed is the ground – work to eat  thorns (crown of thorns), thistles, weeds,  bugs, trouble with drought, flooding, .                                                               etc.

b) Now you will die – “from dust…to dust”



IV.  P.S. – Vs. 20

A.  Adam named Eve – vs. 20 – “mother of all living”

—  means life – Adam believed that God would provide life.

—  all mankind descended from Adam & Eve

B.  God provided a covering – vs. 21 – “fig leaves – unacceptable”

1)  Bloodshed & death of animal for atonement – substitute to redeem sinners

2)  Man’s covering not enough

C.  Man – used fig leaves to cover sin & shame

1)  Today – people using their own “fig leaves” to cover sin & shame

“I’m as good as people around me” – “I’ve done more good than bad —  if there is a just God, He will receive me” – “I’ve                                           been in the church all my life” – “I was baptized when I was a kid”  — Baptism or Ch. Membership.

2)  Fig Leaf Faith!  Redeemed – “Overwhelmed by grace” – “Amazed at the finished work of the cross” – “Thank you for                                         saving me”

3)  Jesus died on the cross “uncovered” Ps. 22:18– (Satan made sure) – (to provide His blood to COVER our sins)

Jesus died for our sin & our shame – took our sin – suffered our shame

When Jesus said, “It is finished”, He was saying “I’ve got you covered”.